“My world would be equal 

 Where everyone is united as one 

 No matter your skin, sexuality, or gender 

 There is no need to be mean 

 When we’re all just being ourselves 

 Imagine a world that is a good as that”


So for this post- I stole it from my poems but I really enjoy it. I love it because what I wrote is true- just because you may look like a different or love someone that isn’t the same as someone else doesn’t mean that you should be hated against for it. you be YOU and don’t let anyone stop you. Live your life and be happy!



“There are hearts 

 That cover the walls 

 Pictures, posters, pamphlets 



Information all around 

Colors, lines, people 


 There are teams, hope, and triumph 

 School spirit and band and choir 

 Love and sweat and tears”


“I saw him 

 Just now 

 Go through 

 That door 


 Curious me 

 I followed him in 

 At first it was dark 

 Nothing to be seen 


 Then boom 

 Everything bright 

 My eyes lit up 

 Like a firework at night 


 Then it was over 

 Everything gone 

 Including me and the life I once knew”

August 20 Beliefs

One of my core beliefs is honesty- while my parents may disagree with that one, I do believe in honesty. Sometimes I stray away from the truth because I am afraid of being in trouble- who isn’t? But honesty is always the best policy and I have learned that when you are honest it gets you to a higher place. If you lie, then you just dig a deeper hole for yourself- I have learned that the hard way, trust me. Plus when you are honest- don’t you always feel better? I know I do- I feel so much better after I have told the truth. It’s like a 500-pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I also think honesty is always the best because it helps relationships. Any relationship. My real mom always had a hard time being honest with me and it has strayed our relationship very far and it’s to the point where I don’t talk to her anymore. So- it is always best to tell the truth and move on from what has been done.

Custom Story August 7

1- It was a lovely evening and I had worked hard all day and left the flat where we lived over the sawmill at 113 Rue Notre-Dame-Des-Champs, and walked out through the courtyard with the stacked lumber, closed the door, crossed the street, and went into the back door of the bakery that fronted on the Boulevard Montparnasse and out through the good bread smells of the ovens and the shop to the street. 2- They say the seeds of what we will do are in all of us, but it always seemed to me that in those who make jokes in life the seeds are covered with better soil and with a higher grade of manure. 3- This is where I learned that life should be taken seriously, but it is always good to have a little fun and to not stress yourself out. You are here for a good time, not a long time.


One of my heroes is Jenna Marbles. I admire her very much. I’ve been watching her videos ever since she started on Youtube. She got me to laugh during tough times in my life through middle school & high school. She has definitely impacted my life in a good way because she can always put a smile on my face. I love her humor and honesty. She posts whatever she wants and whatever makes her happy which I think is crucial. She comes up with most of her ideas by herself or she gets help from other viewers. In the future- I would like to live the carefree lifestyle that she has because I believe it would make me a happy and better person.


In this Instagram post- I was in Clearwater Florida. My family and I went to this really good restaurant. I can’t remember what the restaurant was called. But we were waiting for our food to come and we were just hanging around and talking and enjoying our time together. We ate some really good mozzarella sticks and just enjoyed my time with my family. After we were done eating and spending time together- we drove back to our condo and hung out in the pool when it was after hours. That was really fun because there was no one there that could bother us and the pool deck was dark except for one light that was in the pool.

Smile Time (show n tell)

Photography has always pretty much been a big deal to me. I’ve always loved the idea of being a photographer one day. A professional one too. I didn’t really start to get into photography until my 8th grade/freshman year of high school. I loved taking pictures of nature and the flowers and the trees and the beautiful sky. Every picture I got better and better. We have classes at school which I am so appreciative to have. Most schools don’t get the opportunity like most CG kids have. So my sophomore year of school, I signed up for photography 1, excited as hell. the first few weeks were great, I was learning about how the first cameras were created and how they functioned. I learned how modern day cameras like film and digital were processed and taken. our very first assignment was pinhole photography. My amazing teacher, Mrs. Fowler put little tiny holes in granola boxes all taped around so no light could get into them. All of the students would go into the dark room and pick up a granola canister. you would cut a tiny square of photo paper out and stick it in the canister and then cover the lid. We all went out to the HOE to “take” a picture of anything we wanted. I decided to aim my canister out one of the windows so I could get a picture of some of the flowers. I opened the doorway on one my canister and let the light in. This allowed the flowers and everything in the canisters view to print onto the photo paper. The cool thing was was that the photo didn’t actually print until you developed the photo paper in the chemicals. Once you put your paper in all of the chemicals, your picture magically started to appear. My favorite part was that I did it all myself and I still have that first picture I ever took on photo paper on my fridge at home! 🙂

After photo 1, I moved on to photo 2 my junior year and learned more things about photography. We also took a lot more digital pictures which is why I brought in my SD card with all of my pictures I took over the summer and from previous years. Now it’s my senior year and I am in AP 2D Studio Art and so far I love it. It is a little more intense than I am used to but nothing I can’t handle and I am looking forward to this great year.